Flexible Cables

The Flexible Copper Cables are used in low voltage signals, electrical motors, electrical appliances, control panels, DC power transformers, electrical boards, battery cables etc. These cables are highly flexible and durable, provide enough voltage resistance. It is manufactured on the international parameters and meets all necessary standards. These wires are thermally stable, emit lesser smoke and has suitable oxygen and temperature index, which helps during fire accidents.

The annealed tinned/bare Electrolytic high conductivity copper multi strand flexible conductor as per IS: 8130/1984 of class-5, PVC insulated as per IS: 5831/1984, cores twisted together, Melinex taped. Shielded with aluminium mylar taped and screened with tinned copper braiding, taped again & overall PVC sheathed as per BS 5308 Part-2 multi core instrumentation Shielded Flexible cable

Range:-0.2 sq.mm to 150 sq.mm (single core & multicore)

Flexible Copper Single Core Cables

The shield acts as a Faraday cage to reduce electrical noise from affecting the signals, and to reduce electromagnetic radiation that may interfere with other devices (see electromagnetic interference).
The shield minimizes capacitive coupled noise from other electrical sources. The shield must be applied across cable splices. In shielded signal cables the shield may act as the return path for the signal, or may act as screening only.